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Getting an estimate on commercial property painting is always free and easy. At Commercial Painting USA we take the estimating process very seriously. We take the time to carefully evaluate your commercial property before submitting an estimating for painting commercial property. Our commercial painting estimates are based on a thorough analysis of the work at hand.

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We look at the surfaces we are painting. Wood, concrete, brick metal or a variety of other surfaces require different methods and paints. We consider the condition of the surfaces and how much cleaning and preparation is required. Then we consider the primers, paints and coatings needed to deliver the very best finish.

After the materials and prep phase we look at how best to apply the paints. We consider the size of the commercial property and the scope of work involved. We allow for the needed equipment and safety requirements. Equipment includes lifts, scaffolds and platforms in addition to the personal protective equipment for our staff.

All these factors and more go into preparing an estimate for commercial painting. And while no estimate is carved in stone (change orders are always a possibility), we are the nationwide contractor that treats your estimate as our commitment to you to deliver what we promise.

With over 40 years of experience as a nationwide painter we have a complete understanding of every type of commercial painting. It is this experience that makes our estimates spot on. We know what it takes to get the work completed because we’ve done it so many times before.

It is easy for painters to send a cheap quote by shortcutting preparation and quality. Remember, you can’t go wrong by choosing the quality and professionalism of Commercial Painting USA. Call the pros today and get an estimate you can believe in.

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