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Ceiling Painting

Ceiling Painting

Painting ceilings is challenging work that requires the experience of a seasoned commercial painting contractor. Painting ceilings can be a dangerous and tricky project and it is best to hire a leading painting contractor like Commercial Painting USA to do the job safely and efficiently. Our years of experience painting ceilings, walls and even floors means that we are a commercial painting company you can trust to get the job done on time and within budget.

As a leading painting contractor we paint ceilings from every corner of the United States. We paint ceilings of all types, sizes and heights. Whether you have a chain of grocery stores in Maine or office supply stores in California, we are the nationwide painter that is trained and equipped for high quality and the best price.

Choosing The Right Contractor

Choosing Commercial Painting USA puts you in a great position to save yourself time and your company money. Because we are a nationwide painter you never have to search again to find a painter to handle your properties in various parts of the country. Every time you call us you get experienced professionals that consistently deliver exactly what you need.

We offer a wealth of experience and knowledge that is hard to match in the commercial painting industry. What our experience means is that we can easily handle all the basic work involved in painting commercial ceilings, plus we can handle the unexpected situations that seem to come at you when you least expect them. So if we are in the middle of you job and find that there is damage or mold above the ceiling we are equipped to handle it.

Safety First and Foremost

Handling the extensive scaffolds, riggings and equipment needed to put us in position to safely paint your commercial ceilings is no small task. We are careful to hire only the most experienced commercial painters, give them the best training and equipment and support them with the best project managers in the business. Our guys are trained and certified in every piece of equipment they use. We will safely and efficiently paint your commercial ceilings or your entire commercial building portfolio for that matter. We take no shortcuts with safety. We are careful to make sure we have safety harnesses in place and all equipment is checked and double checked each time it is used.

Licensed, Bonded and Insured

Commercial Painting USA is licensed, bonded and insured for your protection. Because of the size of the projects we handle as the leading painting contractor we have significant bonding capacity. We can easily paint your large office buildings across the nation and secure the work with the proper sized bond.

Accurate Estimates

It is important to get every job started on the right foot. To make sure this happens we are extremely careful with our estimating practices. Commercial ceilings can be difficult to paint and our customers have told us horror stories of how other painting contractors have bid a low price to earn the work and then kept nickel and diming them to death using the “fine print” in the contract as justification. This is no way to do business.

With our commercial services nationwide we take the time to prepare a good estimate that we stick to throughout the commercial ceiling projects. While there are certainly legitimate reasons to exceed an estimate (a change order for example), we stick to our estimates you can plan with confidence and know what our work will cost. We understand our business and the costs involved. We purchase the correct materials; bring the right equipment and the correct number of painters and technicians needed for your commercial ceilings. This means our work comes off without a hitch. Hassle free commercial painting is the way to go with Commercial Painting USA.

Paints and Textures

To get the outstanding results we are known for we use only the highest quality paints, primers and equipment. High quality paints look richer and last longer than cheaper alternatives. Plus it often takes fewer coats with fine paints than it does with cheap alternatives. If you want one or multiple colors or textures that is not a problem for us. We can even do stenciling and wall coverings if needed to achieve the look you want.

We can paint commercial ceilings of any height, size or texture. We are accustomed to painting metal ceilings along with drywall, plaster, concrete or any other materials. With some commercial ceilings it is necessary to paint air ducts, pipes and other mechanical fixtures as well.

Commercial Painting USA has the experience and skill needed to paint these items as well. Should any of these structures require powder coating rather than a latex or enamel paint we can handle that as well.

Don’t trust something as important as your commercial buildings to just any painting contractor that happens to be in the area. Commercial ceilings are challenging and are best painted by experienced professionals. We have been painting commercial ceilings for over 40 years and have what it takes to keep our customers coming back for all their commercial painting.

If you are looking for the hassle free way to get your commercial ceilings painted then look no further than Commercial Painting USA. We are the go-to nationwide painter for the best in quality, price and on time performance.