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National Painting

Professional National Painting Programs

Commercial Painting USA offers efficient, durable, and quality painting services in all 50 states. One of our specialties is painting and rebranding different commercial establishments all over the country. We provide the services, equipment, and materials ideal for keeping your buildings, franchises, chain stores, and office spaces to look at their absolute best.

For the five decades in this business, we have painted thousands of commercial establishments across the country. Our expertise, experience, and trained employees are adequate to complete any project size irrespective of its location within the country. Understandably, all commercial projects are unique and have different budgets for their respective painting needs. Moreover, they also have varied timeframes for accomplishing the work. Consequently, we provide free help and advice to plan a commercial painting project regarding budgetary needs. We also carry out efficient scheduling of painting projects and give our recommendations on a wide range of painting and coating specifications to complete the painting properly.

National painting programs for commercial properties

Ideally, Commercial Painting USA offers different programs to increase the efficiency and durability of surfaces in different business premises. Some of these programs include the following;

  • High-traffic painting – It is a critical aspect of most commercial national painting projects. Business premises ordinarily experiences high traffic from customers, partners, suppliers, and employees daily. Therefore, most surfaces subjected to such conditions are likely to wear out relatively fast, thus the need for painting and repainting often. We recommend between 3-9 months depending on the volume of persons visiting the premises. High traffic painting is routinely scheduled for all spaces experiencing the most abuse resulting in faster wear and tear. This program involves painting doors, hallways, restrooms, stairwells, and columns among others.
  • Full repaints – This particular type of project involves painting everything inside the commercial building. In other words, it is comprehensive paintwork carried out on all surfaces of a commercial establishment. It also includes patching, spackle work to bring the different surfaces up to new standards. Commercial Painting USA recommends three years for a comprehensive repaint. We paint all surfaces, including walls, doors, door frames, interior and exterior trims among others. In some instances, a full repaint would include painting of ceilings.
  • Maintenance painting – It refers to a situation where different surfaces of commercial property are subjected to routine painting procedures. The duration between maintenance paintings may vary depending on various factors, including the level of tear and wear of the surface. Budgetary needs also influence the time it takes for this type of painting to take place. However, there could be instances where the surfaces either get dirty or needs an immediate repaint. There could also be specific surfaces, which may require paint touch up, especially between high-traffic painting and full commercial property painting. In such cases, you can get in touch with us, allow us to bid, and we’ll schedule the service date.
  • Emergency painting – As the name suggests, this is a painting service, which requires immediate attention. Some issues affecting emergency painting in a commercial building include burst water pipe, fire, leakage due to weather, or any unexpected damage on different surfaces. In such instances, Commercial Painting USA would receive your request and mobilize immediately depending on the time and quotation of the material. We have our emergency lines open throughout so you can call anytime there is an issue you need to be addressed immediately.

As you can see, these are vital programs for various national painting projects. We ensure our clientele can get a wide range of painting services based on their specific needs and budget at a particular time. Moreover, Commercial Painting USA has in-house painting crews with relevant skills, knowledge, and experience to complete all painting services you may need. Whether you are looking for interior painting, emergency repairs, floor restoration, roof or ceiling coating, or exterior painting, we are the ultimate choice. We have a super-friendly sales team and professional administrative staff who will often communicate to you regarding any arising concern or issue. They also keep you updated with every progress of the painting project, especially if it is significantly large. Moreover, our crew is always available whenever you need any type of painting service.

One of the strengths, which have always kept us going over the year when painting commercial properties is flexibility in different aspects. For one, we can always schedule your commercial painting project before, during, and after working hours, depending on your convenience. As a reliable and professional painting outfit, our focus is always to be courteous to you, your employees, tenants, and partners. We guarantee a tidy job and minimize any possible disruption to your business. Secondly, we provide a flexible payment plan for all our commercial painting clients irrespective of the size of the project.

Efficiency, reliability, professionalism, and cost-effectiveness are the vital principles in carrying out a national painting project. These tenets create huge differences amongst service providers in the painting industry. For a painting company with a national outlook, Commercial Painting USA adheres to all these fundamental principles. Most clients we have worked within the past appreciate the efforts we put in place to ensure they obtain the best results from their respective painting projects. Additionally, our employees and equipment are insured. Of course, this is vital because it gives you peace of mind knowing you can be compensated, in case, of an unfortunate event during the painting process, such as accidents or damage of property.

Generally, Commercial Painting USA restores your business property to life. If you have a facility sitting empty or near-empty, this could be the best time to consider painting it. Great new paint can restore your commercial facility without necessarily incurring costs or the hassle of relocating tenants or your workers. Of course, you need quality paintwork to make the building attractive and resistant to weather elements such as moisture. Reach us on phone any time of the day, and we will answer all your queries and concerns regarding national painting services.