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Painting Shops

Commercial Painting USA is a nationwide painter that specializes in painting commercial shops and all other commercial buildings and structures. We have been painting commercial shops for over 40 years. This experience allows us to provide the highest level of service at a very competitive price. As a leading painting contractor we have a thorough understanding of the business and know how best to paint any commercial shop, building or structure and get the highest quality finish with the least disruption to your business. When it’s time to paint, make the call that saves you time, money and hassle. Call Commercial Painting USA.

Nationwide Painter

Commercial Painting USA is a national painter capable of painting commercial shops of any size. Over the years we have built a network of the most experienced painters, technicians and supervisors. Our team of nationwide painters is in a unique position to paint commercial shops in any part of the country.

Our ability to “right-size” our team provides flexibility in the size of our crews. This allows us to paint smaller projects like commercial shops at very competitive rates. The benefits to our customers are they get the expertise and skills of a leading painting contractor at a very competitive price. Our commercial services nationwide really are the best of both worlds for our commercial shop customers.

Unique Commercial Shop Painting

Commercial Painting USA paints commercial shops of any size, shape or color anywhere in the nation. Do you have a unique or dare we say “crazy” idea for the interior of your shop to give it a very special look, feel and ambiance? We are the team that can handle it. Just let us know what is on your mind and we will go to work to make it happen. We can paint with dozens of paint types, stencils, decals, wallpaper, stickers and many other faux finish techniques and textures to give your commercial shop the very special look you are going for.

If you’re at tattoo shop that needs some wall art to compliment the body art you do all day then we can make that happen as well. Perhaps you own a specialty hiking store and need a space that makes people feel like they are in the woods or mountains? Our commercial shop painting team is ready to bring that dream to reality. Get it done right by calling the professionals at Commercial Painting USA today.

Service Shops

Many of our commercial shop customers are in the service business and specialize in the automotive aftermarket. These are brake shops, tire shops, oil change shops, auto painting shops, mechanical repair shops, car stereo and phone shops and specialty graphics and ground effects shops. This genre is a specialty field that often requires some special painting techniques.

In these commercial shops we often use a combination of latex, enamel, epoxies and even powder coating to make the finish of the surface durable enough to withstand the heavy cleaning required to keep the commercial shop looking good. Mechanics with their heads and hands in engine blocks all day don’t always remember to keep their hands off painted surfaces. For this reason we use paints that are easier to clean and won’t rub off with repeated scrubbing. We like to make sure your commercial shop looks good when we finish and that the beautiful finish lasts as long as possible.

Any Surface

When painting commercial shops we can paint any surface regardless of size, shape or height. The most common commercial shop painting happens on the walls and ceilings along with the exterior of the shop. But we can paint floors, fixtures, doors, trim or any other paintable surface in your commercial shop. Have a tile your tired of on your restroom walls? Yep. We can paint that as well and save you the hassle and expense of replacing it.

Colors and Textures

The key delivering a finish that our commercial painting customers love is getting the right textures and colors that make the ambiance of the commercial shop perfect. Our decorators love to work with clients to get just the right shades and textures to create a perfect environment for your business. Regardless of the type of commercial shop you operate we can advise you on color schemes that make your customers comfortable and happy to be in your shop.

We paint your ceilings, walls or exposed duct work and mechanicals in any color scheme you want. We can do fun, playful, serious, serene, surreal or any other theme or mood. Clouds, landscapes, mountains or any other theme is well within your reach by calling Commercial Painting USA.

Hours and Timing

A big part of our customers being so happy with our services is we will work any schedule to get the work done with minimal disruption to your commercial shop. Our years of experience have taught us that the math is pretty simple. You’re spending money to paint your commercial shop and while this is happening the shop is closed and you are not making any money. Not so good for you.

Our commercial shop painters work days, nights and weekends to get your shop painted with the least inconvenience for you and your customers. We are experts at painting your commercial shops and also staying out of your way while we do it. Call Commercial Painting USA today and put the commercial shop painting pros to work for you.