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Commercial Services

National Presence

Commercial Painting USA is a nationwide painter with experience in a wide variety of commercial painting services. Our commercial services are available in any part of the country. We have an extensive network of trained technicians, painters and project managers ready to put their extensive experience to work for you. When you want the finest in commercial painting services look no further than the leading painting contractor, Commercial Painting USA.

Building Types

At Commercial Painting USA we can paint any type of commercial building or structure. This would include but not be limited to: retail businesses like florists, clothing, art, casinos, discount stores, big box stores and hundreds more. We can, and have, painted national chains of stores for clients in a wide range of business. Our clients like that they can call us and get their commercial services handled anywhere in the country. Commercial painting services are one thing our customers never have to worry about. We simply get the job done.

Our commercial services include preparing all surfaces prior to painting. We have a wide variety of techniques available and match them to the job at hand. One common method for preparing the exterior of commercial buildings is abrasive blasting. We use any of a few dozen different abrasives depending on the surface we are cleaning. What is appropriate for brick is not always the best for wood, stucco or steel. We always choose the commercial services that deliver the results we want in the most cost effective manner.

Colors and textures in commercial painting services are critical. Our expert designers work with you to create the perfect ambiance for your commercial space. We can add a wide variety of textures to the surface or remove textures that you no longer want. We can advise you on what will work best, or if you prefer we will take direction from you or the design firm you have hired. Either way, our goal is always a beautiful finish exactly how your want it.

Brush/Roller Painting Conventional Spray Painting

Our commercial painting services involve using any of dozens of painting methods. As in cleaning and preparation we always match the technique to the job. The most common method is a combination of brush and roller. These tools leave a clean flat finish that has just the right amount of texture for many commercial applications. For exteriors the most common method is spraying. Depending on the job we will either use conventional air guns or airless sprayers.

Special Equipment

Our commercial services often include using specialized equipment to reach the high places that need painting. Our commercial painting services include aerial, boom lift, boson chair, swing stage, scissor lift, scaffold, rigging and platforms. Each specialized piece of equipment is used in its place to deliver commercial services in the safest and fastest way possible. Our crews are expertly trained, certified and experienced in all the equipment used. We don’t take shortcuts with safety or quality.

At Commercial Painting USA we use only the best primers and paints for our commercial painting services. It simply makes no sense to go to the time and effort to paint a commercial structure and then use inferior paints and primers that won’t last and look dull and cheap. We buy our products in such large volume that we always get the best pricing available. We use high quality paints from the leading manufactures and still get the best pricing available. Our commercial services include latex, enamel, epoxies and even electrostatic painting when needed to get the results we want.

Floors, Walls and Ceilings

We will paint any surface in your commercial buildings. Walls and ceilings are the most common surfaces we paint, however, we can also paint floors, wood or metal doors, trim of all types and sizes and moving surfaces like elevator doors when needed. Commercial Painting USA will even paint your exterior structures and interior ductwork when needed. We are a one-stop-shop for all your commercial painting services.

Line Marking

Our commercial services include the parking lot! Your parking lines will fade over time from exposure to the sun and weather. Sometimes directional lines and symbols need to be painted to accommodate new construction or relocation of interior services. We have the team in place to paint these areas as well. This would include parking garages as well. We will work with you and the city planners to make sure that all lines are painted to code. We understand that proper color and materials are important and we have the experience to ensure these surfaces are painted correctly.

Hours of Operation

Our commercial services are available 24/7 to accommodate your business needs. It is not at all uncommon for us to paint through the night in order to help you keep your stores open with minimal disruption. This is a key reason you want to choose a leading painting contractor like Commercial Painting USA. We save you time and money both in the actual price of the job and in the soft costs that surround it. These soft costs include finishing faster, better clean up, no collateral damage and finishing on time with no incidents or injuries.

We are of course, licensed, bonded and insured for all commercial services. Because of the large clients we often serve we carry a significant bonding capacity.