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Exterior Painting

The Best Exterior Painting Experts to Consider

The exterior of a building is one of the surfaces that need a good coat of paint. Painting the exterior protects the structure from corrosion and weather damage. It also increases the aesthetic appeal of the building and can be used for branding and advertising. 

However, exterior painting is not as simple as applying a coat of paint outside the building. It is a complex undertaking that takes many factors into account. The outcome you want ensures the paint is durable and suitable for the structure. For professional exterior painting, consider hiring a company that is experienced in this type of work.  Commercial Painting USA is your reliable partner for all industrial and home painting solutions.

Years of Experience 

Commercial Painting USA has 50 years of experience with painting projects. This includes doing the exterior of buildings. Staying so long in this business does not happen without learning several expert tips that keep our clients coming back for more. Our company is renowned for its expertise in exterior painting processes. Due to a relentless commitment to maintaining quality standards, we keep our customers happy. This experience will be a great asset for your painting project. It is a guarantee that there is no challenge we cannot solve. 

We have worked on numerous unique projects over the years with a high success rate. Our expertise in painting the exterior of commercial and residential projects, new projects, and repainting jobs, tall buildings, and high rises speaks for itself.  We are prepared for everything. Investing in Commercial Painting USA is worth every dime you will pay for it. 

Safety Training and Equipment 

One of the obstacles that one has to face when painting the exterior of buildings is high walls. Without the right equipment, it can be hectic and dangerous to work on tall structures. Some exterior walls are high enough to use brushes and rollers with long handles to reach the top. For others, more specialized equipment is required.  For instance, painting the wall of a warehouse would need specialized equipment. The painter could use a boom or scissor lift. 

Taller structures like highrises might need a painter suspended from a bosun’s chair. A crane or scaffold may be used as well. However, the bosun’s chair is one of the safest and cost-effective methods to paint exterior walls on a highrise. Our professional painters are trained to use all of these equipment. They have the experience to deliver a perfect paint job experience from these heights. The safety of our workers and anyone else that might be at the site is paramount. This is why we maintain our equipment regularly to ensure they are always in top working condition.  We have invested in the latest technology for use in exterior painting as well.  This way, our work gets done on time with optimum efficiency.

Painting Preparation 

An important aspect of professional painting is preparing the structure before starting the work. It ensures that the paint job lasts for a long even with environmental exposure. Removing any impurities on the wall’s surface makes the paint more adhesive. 

Preparing an exterior wall for painting is even more important for two reasons

  1. This part of the building is exposed to the environment, so it accumulates more dirt and impurities. It also requires extra protection. 
  2. The exterior is the part of the building that people see. It requires special care so it can maintain its appearance for longer. 

Our professional painters use different exterior painting preparation techniques, including cleaning and making repairs. The preparation procedure differs depending on the nature of the surface. New paint jobs are easier to prepare as they do not have past coats of paint to clean or scrape off.  However, with repaint jobs, the painter will have to clean, scrape off old paint, and repair the exterior wall.  Paint preparation creates a smooth finish on the exterior of the building.  Commercial Painting USA is a professional outfit in preparing all exterior surfaces. Contact us for a consult so we can evaluate your needs for the best outcome.

Painting that withstands Environmental Degradation 

Exterior walls are exposed to various weather conditions all year round. A professional painting contractor should examine the environment a structure is in before they start working. The paint should withstand sunlight and water without damaging.  It can also be difficult to paint exterior walls properly, especially if they are high. Harsh weather conditions like wind, rain, or snow can interfere with the work.

Bad weather can make it hard to keep a steady hand, which could compromise the quality of the paint job.  This is why having the right contractor for the job is important.  You are assured of quality services when working with painters from Commercial paintings USA. Our years of experience have taught us how to assess and plan for different situations.

Cost-Effectiveness is Our Game

 Our company will save you money on any exterior painting projects you entrust to us.  Since we always provide quality outcomes, it will be a while before you need to repaint due to tear and wear.  This saves money in the long run because repainting is an intensive process that will cost you.  Additionally, our time efficiency is another asset that saves you time. The faster we are done painting, the sooner you can use your building to make money.  We understand this logic. Our painters can work odd hours to minimize any disruptions that will cost your business money.

They are also quick to collaborate with other contractors working on the property. It streamlines the process, helping everyone finish their part on time.  Commercial Painting USA is your one-stop partner for all exterior painting needs. We have all the resources needed for these kinds of projects. Besides, location is never an issue. We can reach all our clients anywhere in the country. If quality is what you are looking for in your project, do not hesitate to contact us. We are always ready to help our customers achieve their dreams.