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Chain Store Painting

Fundamental Aspects in Commercial Chain Store Painting

Commercial Painting USA has worked on all types of commercial and industrial painting projects over the last five decades.

Understandably, chain store painting is one of the commercial projects that can be quite challenging to accomplish. Each of these stores is established in different settings and has unique requirements and preferences as far as surface painting is concerned. The best approach is always to seek services of registered, reliable, and reputable painting contractor for ultimate best results within the shortest time possible. In many instances, you’ll require a comprehensive chain store painting with marginal interruption of business operations in the premises.

There are several elements, which affect the perfect and successful execution of many chain store painting solutions. Some of these factors include;

  • Branding colors; often, the ideal colors should portray the values of the chain store and other elements surrounding the brand. It should also reflect the mood, design, and other objectives of the outlet.
  • Special paint properties; different chain stores are located in various places. It is important to look into paint with varying properties such as anti-corrosion, coating additives, non-slip and anti-microbial among others.
  • Low or no volatile organic compounds (VOC) paints; these offer best painting solutions for such establishments. They are designed to reduce fumes and lingering noxiousness.

Nevertheless, there are also other fundamental factors, which influence the overall efficiency of undertaking a chain store painting project. These elements are vital since they enable you to plan accordingly before, during, and after the painting work. Ideally, this plays out significantly in the bid of attaining desired results. Some of these factors include the following;

  • Size; you need to determine the actual size of the chain store you need to be painted. Of course, the dimensions may vary, but it would be appropriate to have a rough idea. The essence here is to make it is easy for you to figure out the budget allocation for the task. And that’s one of the main reason why you need to hire a professional painting contractor to work on your this type of commercial painting project. You’ll get an accurate quotation to enable you to plan accordingly.
  • Convenience; Chain stores are known to be operating during specific hours of the day. For effective, comprehensive paintwork to take place, it is fundamental to arrange how to reduce business disruption to the lowest level possible. Blocking or advising customers or tenants from accessing the building during the painting process would not be ideal unless it is the only viable option. In most instances, professional painting contractors would draw a plan on how to paint the chain store without interrupting operations. A better approach would be to liaise with the contractor and agree to work during odd hours such as at night, weekends, or holidays. The bottom line is finding the best approach that would cause least disruption possible.
  • Safety; comprehensive painting of a retail chain store is not necessarily an overnight task. It entails several aspects, including proper planning of safety measures. In painting industry, the safety of both humans and property within the vicinity of the commercial building is a significant concern. It must be right, and that’s one of the reasons there are several regulatory bodies overseeing implementation of this feature in painting projects. The advantage of hiring a professional painting contractor is that they take care of all safety concerns before, during, and after the painting project.
  • Scope; ordinarily, the nature of painting chain store would vary depending on the specific surfaces you need to be painted. Commercial painting is broad and involves surfaces such as ceiling, floor, interiors, exteriors, doors, gates, roofing, pressure washing, and furniture among others. Also, the scope of the project could be repainting, fresh painting, or minor painting renovations. It has to be clear from the start to make the work easy, fast, efficient, and in proper planning.
  • After-service; in most instances, the aftermath of commercial painting service can be disastrous. It could be messy; thus, the need for ensuring the company you hire for such services can diligently perform the paintwork. In case there are spills of paint on different surfaces, they must be cleaned properly, and every component returned to where it is supposed to be. But this is only possible if you are dealing with an experienced company like Commercial Painting USA.

Determining the right finish for chain store paintwork

Ideally, the last coat is what determines the success of the commercial paintwork on a chain store. Most people will never look into the initial coats leading to the final one. In other words, the paintwork is judged based on how the finish looks like. There are several finishings you can opt for when painting chain store. Importantly, you must understand that different surfaces use different paint finishes. Some of the right finish for such a task are as follows;

  • High gloss – This guarantees maximum durability and brightness. It is a vital option to consider for spaces or areas where durability is a vital concern. This includes stores and high human-traffic areas such as front spaces.
  • Semi-gloss – It is an ideal choice for chain store spaces that need extra durability, brightness, and cleanliness. Essentially, this finish is relatively reflective, making it a suitable choice.
  • Flat finish – This option is used in limited quantities in spaces not intensively used inside the chain store. They are a bit difficult to maintain or keep clean. Boardroom and chain store offices are some of the areas where you can apply this paint finish.

Nonetheless, all these aspects only translate to success stories if executed perfectly by a professional painting contractor. And that’s where Commercial Painting USA comes in handy. In all the years of existence, we have offered painting solutions to hundreds of chain stores in different parts of the country. It doesn’t matter whether it’s new construction or a neglected facility. We guarantee you best results that offer long-lasting quality. As a business entity, we are committed to our values, including integrity, accountability, and safety.