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Franchise Painting

Essential Elements Surrounding Commercial Franchise Painting

Commercial Painting USA is a values-based, high-end franchise painting contractor focusing on custom exterior and interior surfaces painting solutions. We are a premium brand serving an affluent demographic who needs exceptional quality. We are a business entity delivering world-class painting service consistently.

Franchising is one of the most effective business models adopted by many entrepreneurs all over the world. It establishes brand recognition and maximum market share in a specific product or service. However, franchising operates under unique circumstances since most, if not all, parameters need to conform fully to the primary business requirements. When franchisers plan to paint their premises, the biggest concern is usually the type of color to use. Essentially, the primary objective of franchise painting in a business is brand conformity. Certain paints may be suited for different spaces within the establishment, such as high-traffic areas.

Commercial franchise painting can be relatively technical because types of coatings used in such premises are merely more than good appearance. These establishments require their paint to deliver optimum performance in numerous areas beyond mere aesthetics and brand conformity. That is the primary reason why it is critical for franchise owners and operators to consider seeking services of experienced professionals. They understand how to deliver protection and efficiency of commercial paints and coatings.

Why franchise painting is unique

From earliest days of surface painting, professional painters and property owners understood the value of coating surfaces for protection. Ancient buildings were covered using waterproof materials to protect the surfaces from deterioration. Besides aesthetics and brand conformity, stopping leaks and halting surface corrosion is among the significant purposes of franchise painting. Additionally, a paint, which delivers greater levels of functionality would be a suitable choice in franchise painting.

An increasing number of commercial franchise painting products nowadays incorporate an intumescent fireproofing layer. Ideally, this feature protects such facilities and equipment from the risk of fire by assisting to contain its spread in case it arises. Technically, intumescent materials react in a specific manner when exposed to extreme heat. They lower the density while expanding in volume, making it relatively difficult for fires to burn. Commercial Painting USA uses different varieties of these fireproofing commercial franchise painting products; soft and hard char. Soft char holds moisture, which is often released as steam each moment it expands in the presence of excessive heat. In essence, this slows down fire leaving behind a fire-resistant material. Hard char, on the other hand, melts into sodium silicates and graphite, which forms firewalls. Importantly, both fireproofing paint variants contribute to environments safeguarding personnel and property.

Franchise painting to reduce energy consumption

Commercial Painting USA mostly utilizes coatings in franchise painting applications to improve energy efficiency. As commercial outfits, franchisees need a reasonable amount of cooling to keep the employees and customers comfortable. It is also helpful in increasing efficient operation of machinery and devices within the establishments. Even so, running air conditioners and other types of cooling devices can be significantly costly. Moreover, they contribute negatively to the carbon footprint of a business. That’s why at Commercial Painting USA, we advise clients to apply types of commercial paints, which bounce heat away from the walls rather than absorbing. We use light colors and formulated chemicals specifically designed to deflect heat and sunlight. This allows the facilities to stay cooler during the day and reduce their reliance on HVAC systems. This is energy efficient and, at the same time, cost-effective.

Effective commercial franchise painting techniques

For the 50 years of our existence as the leading painting contractor in the country, we have been using different painting techniques to paint numerous surfaces. Furthermore, Commercial Painting USA has been evolving with technology, thus applying different painting techniques in line with emerging equipment. The common techniques we often use include the following;

  1. Air-spray method – It is a technique, which uses a mist of fine spray or mist paint through atomization. There are numerous types of air sprayers we usually use on painting different surfaces depending on required pressure level. Air-spray painting technique leaves a smooth surface finish, which is fundamental in franchise painting.
  • Rollers – This is an ideal method for painting walls, floors, or any relatively flat surface of a commercial building. Using rollers is an effective method of transferring paint to the surface. However, there are numerous types of rollers always used in franchise painting, depending on surface. We always use a spiked roller for leveling coatings and removing trapped air.
  • Airless spraying – It is a common method we use in franchise painting due to its versatility and efficiency. Airless sprayers atomize paint at relatively high pressure. We usually use these tools for spraying relatively large franchise establishments when applying thicker coatings. This technique also prevents over-spraying of surfaces, making it an ideal choice for somewhat complex commercial painting.
  • Paint brushes – It is a relatively traditional method of painting different surfaces. Technically, it involves using a paintbrush to apply different types of paints on various surfaces. There are a few instances where this technique is efficient in a typical franchise painting project. Moreover, paint brushing is available in different styles. Some projects require use of small paintbrushes for smaller detail, which leaves a professional finish.

Generally, franchise painting requires professional expertise to execute and deliver the best results. This type of project entails numerous details, which also need to comply with the business’s specific requirements. Finding the best painting contractor for such projects would be ideal because it guarantees consistency in painting all the respective establishments. At Commercial Painting USA, we have painted hundreds of franchise establishments in various states within the US. We abide by all the particular guiding principles of the business to ensure we match the requirements across all the establishments in different locations. Moreover, we have the capacity in terms of professional and skilled human resources and adequate equipment to paint these projects in different parts of the country. You can count on us to deliver desirable results for all your franchise painting needs.