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Commercial Painting Services

Commercial Painting Services

Our commercial painting services are a valuable part of regular maintenance and consistent upgrading to keep your buildings fresh and clean. The purpose is creating an environment where people want to come and do business. Just as a fine automobile or home needs maintenance to keep it looking great, your commercial property needs commercial painting and updating to keep your customers coming back.

Our painting services not only enhance the appearance of your commercial buildings but also protect them as well. Protection from the weather is very important to make sure your building lasts as long as it should. Paint protects wood from rot and mold and metals from rust and corrosion. Employing regular commercial painting services pays for itself by increasing the useful life of your commercial property and helping it retain more of its value.

Enhancing Your Image

Commercial Painting USA understands how important the image you want to portray is. That’s why we work with you to get the exact blend of colors and textures that will make your commercial property exactly how you want it. We have the nationwide painters and consultants to bring your commercial property to life with a fresh coat of paint. With Commercial Painting USA you get the ambiance you want and we perform the work like you would expect from the leading painting contractor.

It is important to project the proper image for your company and, consequently, it is important to have quality commercial painting services completed by a nationwide contractor specializing in commercial painting. Commercial Painting USA is the go-to nationwide contractor for all commercial painting services. With our extensive experience we are the commercial painting company that can do it all.

Accurate Estimating

At Commercial Painting USA our experience in estimating is just valuable to you as having our skilled painters on the job. Proper estimating helps ensure there are no cost overruns or surprises when invoices are received. Our ability to handle the paperwork related to our commercial services nationwide makes your life a little easier.

Our excellence in estimating leads into accurate materials assessments. Because we are painting services experts we know exactly what primers and paints will perform best in your commercial property. We draw from a wide range of experience in materials, surfaces, techniques and logistics to make commercial painting services as simple and easy as possible for our clients. You always receive advice on the best way to make your commercial properties look their best.

Painting Preparation

As a leading painting contractor our quality starts with proper preparation. For exteriors we typically power wash the building to remove any dirt, flaked paint, mold or other debris that would mar the finished look of your building. If more extensive commercial cleaning is required then we have a variety of abrasive blasting techniques at our disposal. If you building is wood we often blast with corn husk. Corn husk is abrasive enough to remove the paint but will not damage the wood underneath. This is one of dozens of techniques we may use to get the very best results for your commercial building.

Of course, we always take care to protect your building and grounds from damage during the cleaning and painting process. We protect landscaping and surround structures with tarps, barricades, fencing or other methods to prevent incidental damage.

To ensure safety, our commercial painting services include a pre-painting meeting with your management team and ours. We review the scope of work and safety requirements. Safety rules are strictly enforced to make sure that we complete all painting services without incident or injury. We are often using dangerous equipment and working at significant heights. Our crews are well trained and certified to perform these duties safely.

Our team members are equipped with the best modern equipment available to complete the highest quality work in the most efficient manner. Using this equipment makes the work safer and faster and this translates into getting your commercial building back to normal as quickly as possible.

Ceilings, Walls and Floors

The painting services professionals at Commercial Painting USA are ideally equipped to paint any surface. Painting walls, floors and ceilings are the most common requests but our painting services also include any commercial structure. We are experienced in delivering a finished paint job of any texture and color. Our design team is happy to work with you to get the exact hue and texture you want for your buildings.

Our painting services customers are pleased that we can handle any commercial painting service on their property. This makes it very easy for them when they need their parking lot lined and new directional markings on the ground or walls. We can also easily paint parking garages, warming areas or any other commercial structure. We know the exact materials to use and can provide a quick and of course, free estimate.

At Commercial Painting USA the work is not finished until you are 100% satisfied with the result. We take great care in all of our commercial services nationwide to do an outstanding job and to clean up after ourselves. We are the leading nationwide painter so we take pride in our work and make sure it is always to our high standards. If you want the very best in nationwide painting services then look no further than Commercial Painting USA.