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Eco-Friendly Painting

Aspects Surrounding Commercial Eco-friendly Painting Solutions

What are the elements that make a professional painting contractor environmentally conscious? Could it be their paint, tools, and equipment selection? How does your commercial property embrace green painting during routine maintenance?

Essentially, it takes a lot to be an environmentally friendly painting contractor than just using the right painting products, tools, and equipment. Waste disposal, water usage, recycling capabilities, transportation, and office practices are among the core determinants of eco-friendly painting.

Terms such as “green” and “eco-friendly” are increasingly becoming buzzwords on various platforms. Talk shows, interwebs, commercials, corporate slogans, and many product packaging are synonymous with such terms. A day hardly passes by before seeing an advert running or for a business claiming to be eco-friendly or sustainable. Nonetheless, it is vital to comprehend the actual meaning of “eco-friendliness” from the perspective of commercial painting. Most property owners and managers are turning towards using sustainable, environmentally friendly materials to improve their surroundings. Use of eco-paint is among the many interventions painting companies are using to embrace eco-friendly painting in a commercial setting.

Commercial Painting USA is one of the leading eco-conscious painting contractors in the country. We encourage all our clients to use eco-friendly paints as one of the ideal ways of embracing eco-friendly painting, especially in commercial properties. As a business, we also go step up to the best of our capabilities to mitigate our carbon footprint. Conventional paints are increasingly becoming hazardous both to human health and the surrounding flora and fauna. Even so, there are several aspects, which determine effective execution of becoming an eco-friendly painting contractor.

It takes more to become an eco-conscious painting company

Being mindful of environmental pollution or degradation is not necessarily limited to using eco-friendly paint. It needs the wholehearted goodwill of the company to fully implement and maintain different eco-friendly painting practices. Essentially, these practices vary depending on the perspective and philosophy of a painting contractor. Whether it’s the choice of eco-paints or safe techniques of wastewater disposal, it must be fully embraced. Commercial Painting USA for the longest time, has become more and more mindful of our carbon footprint. Even so, some of the practices we have been carrying out from time to time in the spirit of taking on eco-painting include the following;

  • Utilizing any leftover paint – Ideally, it would be prudent to always use premixed colors on different surfaces within a commercial building. Most commercial properties encompass a variety of components that can take up all the remaining paint. For instance, if there is leftover paint for exterior surfaces, you can innovatively use it on the perimeter walls.  Alternatively, ensure you keep the remaining paint safely until the next paintwork requiring the same colors comes up.
  • Proper disposal of paint and related products – Throwing paint, solvents, thinner, or any other material down the drain is hardly a good idea. A responsible professional painting company understands the environmental impacts such an action could lead to. Moreover, several legal implications can be severe to the business should the matter get to law enforcers. A suitable way to rid them is by packing them in secure containers and dropping them off at hazardous landfill sites. Then again, if the remaining paint is insignificant, it can be left open in well-ventilated spaces and trashed once they get totally dry.
  • Using lower VOC alternatives – In incidences when there is no zero VOC paint, we often consider one with the lowest VOC as the ideal option. Moreover, we hardly use alkyd-based paints.

In addition to the eco-painting practices, we also make several in-house decisions and adopting different eco-painting practices, including the following;

  • Sensitization among our painters and partners do fair paintwork by choosing low VOC paints. Transportation of such paints, we use fuel-efficient trucks and vans to the sites. We also use fuel-efficient equipment to ensure we preserve the environment to the best optimum level.
  • Procuring eco-friendly paint from reputable manufacturers around the country. Most of these paints are odorless and non-toxic, which is essential when painting commercial spaces. Ordinarily, commercial buildings are often painted concurrently with the numerous business operations within the vicinity. Using eco-friendly and non-toxic paints creates a comfortable atmosphere after few hours of painting different spaces.

Painting industry is dictated by newer standards often considered as safe or green. Many paint manufacturers in the past added mercury, lead, and other harmful chemicals as they manufacture these products. However, they were amended after discovering the ill effects of these materials to reduce or eliminate their use. Of course, consumer preference and government regulations determine the use of safer painting materials and green processes. Reducing carbon footprint is imperative for sustainability of our business and commercial painting in general.

As a professional painting company, we move towards a more sustainable lifestyle where environmental consciousness is more important than ever. In the recent past, we have recorded a huge surge in using eco-paints in numerous commercial properties. Commercial Painting USA guarantees the best results in any type of surface on your commercial property. Interestingly, eco-friendly painting practices are quite cost-effective. Most of the paint and related products designed to suit the required regulations are affordable. And this is vital because you can be guaranteed to attain the best results even when operating within a relatively tight budget.

Nevertheless, Commercial Painting USA offers a wide range of skills and expertise to protect, enhance, and increase market value of your property. Moreover, there are several risks and potential liability involved when painting business properties. As such, we carry out all the necessary licensing and insurance obligations. This ensures we provide quality eco-friendly painting service efficiently with utmost peace of mind since all possible liabilities are sufficiently covered. Our team comprises employees who are vetted, trained, and certified to complete any size safely using the relevant tools, machines, and paints. If you are looking for a painting contractor for eco-friendly painting solutions on your commercial property, get in touch with our support team. We are here to serve you and your business diligently.