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Interior Painting

Why Primer is Integral in Interior Painting of Commercial Properties

Do you want to know the best ways to protect and beautify the interior surfaces of your commercial property? Commercial Painting USA is the ultimate place where your search stops.

For a long time, we have offered quality interior painting services with a combination of expert involvement, skilled personnel, hi-tech tool, and equipment.

Essence of priming commercial interior surfaces when painting

Ideally, interior surfaces do not deal with extreme temperatures or harsh outdoor weather conditions. So it can be easy to assume they do not necessarily need to apply them with same care and attention you would do to exterior or other surfaces. In most instances, many business owners usually avoid using primer coats on interior painting. They feel it is costly and unnecessary, which is not essentially the case. Using just one coat of primer can make a significant difference in the outcome of the interior surface painting.

For all intents and purposes, you can finish relatively fast by using fewer coats. But it is vital to have a second look at the actual consequences of what is essentially a rushed paint job. Several commercial interior paintings are designed to attain their full potential with primer only. It is not always necessary to use primer from the same brand; using a base coat is always a vital idea. The bottom line is that primer serves as an appropriate foundation for the right commercial interior paintwork. The curing process allows chemicals in the primer and topcoat to interact in prudently calibrated methods. It strengthens overall topcoat performance quality and usually improves the appearance too. Ideally, the curing process ensures the treated substrates attain optimum protection.

5 reasons why you should always use primer in a commercial interior painting project

For best results in an interior surface painting of commercial property, you should never skip priming. If it is done right by a professional and experienced painting contractor, priming is advantageous in the following ways;

  1. Helping paint adhering to the surface

If you want to attain superior paint adherence, always ensure you prime the wall surface. Superior adherence implies the coating is more effective when it comes to tolerating environmental pressures such as moisture. Such weather elements can be destructive to the interior of any commercial building. However, primer contains a chemical composition, which reacts to form a solid binding layer through binder-rich resin ingredients. Moreover, even glossy interior surfaces that often resist paint will be easier to work with using primer. And this is vital since it reduces odds of blistering and peeling.

  • Protection against moisture

Essentially, moisture is a perennial challenge, which can lead to serious performance degradation for numerous low-cost commercial paints. It can be quite a challenge, especially in bathrooms and kitchens where humidity is often high for a prolonged period throughout the day. Such humidity can even trigger stains and make them appear more prominent. However, primer protects against these effects and can minimize mold and mildew prevalence common in relatively warm and wet surroundings.

  • Prepare and seal unpainted surfaces

Primer creates suitable conditions for paint to work with the interior wall surface. It is imperative since it allows for a more homogeneous distribution and somewhat better adherence. This is necessary mostly for porous surfaces that might otherwise fail to take the paint appropriately. It is important to always use primer for new drywall painting and repainting immediately after repairing drywall. In the process, uneven wall surfaces and those, which have never been painted before also benefit.

  • Prevents stains and odors

It is easier for existing stains to bleed through different paint types even when several coats are used. Some odors, such as cigarette smoke, tend to have similar capabilities. The most appropriate solution for such instances is use of a primer. It bars stains and other contamination in the lower layers of substrate and preventing them from getting to the surface in the long run. Additionally, it makes continuous maintenance of preventing future stains to become a lot easier.

  • Creates a better result

Primers guarantee the ultimate longevity and durability for your interior wall surface topcoat. It allows paint to go on smoothly and spreads better. The significance here is that it enables you to cut on project and maintenance costs. Primer is also a suitable way to prepare the surface for a color change, especially when shifting from a darker to a lighter color. You can even tint your primer to make it more comfortable with your target color and reducing the quantity of paint you need.

Does Priming commercial interior surfaces add value?


In effect, priming provides more value by giving results of two coatings in one. It is effective and can impart performance qualities you may relate with premium waterproofing anti-microbial and rustproofing products. Besides saving a significant amount of money and ample time, skipping primer is likened to draining the money in a swamp.

Furthermore, coatings can degrade or wear out relatively quickly if the right primer does not support them. As such, it easier to find yourself re-coating the surface after a short period. In some instances, they may double or triple your investment in various areas of concern. And that’s what makes time spent on primer more attractive. It would be difficult for the general public to determine whether or not you used primer. However, they can easily notice if your commercial interior surfaces look great or not. Priming allows you to create a better and lasting first impression than the competition.

Nevertheless, all these can only become a reality if priming is carried out on your interior surface by a professional contractor. It makes a noticeable difference when you hire an expert to apply primer instead of a quack or amateur. That’s where Commercial Painting USA comes in handy. For many years, we have helped many clients across the country by offering interior painting solutions for their commercial properties. We provide a free quote and work within strict deadlines to prevent disrupting your business operations, your tenants’ and employees’ wellbeing.