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Client Restaurants
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Scope Of Work Nationwide Painting

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Painting Restaurants

Having a commercial restaurant with the right ambiance can be the difference between success and failure. Painting commercial restaurants to set just the right mood is one of the specialties of Commercial Painting USA. Color plays a very important role in providing the perfect atmosphere for your diners. It makes sense to have the leading painting contractor with the experience painting commercial restaurants working with you to make sure everything is perfect.

Commercial painting USA has been painting commercial restaurants for over 40 years. Over this period of time we have earned our reputation as a nationwide painter that can be trusted for any and every job they undertake. Whether it is a chain of restaurants across the nation or specialized painting for your one store, it makes no difference to us. We can handle the job and make your restaurant painting everything you want it to be.

Painting the interior of commercial restaurants requires a variety of techniques to fully satisfy the decorating theme you want to achieve. We have the ability to capture the ambiance you want by expertly recommending colors, textures and finishes that compliment your décor and furnishings. We can do this for new construction as well as for repainting your commercial restaurant. Go with the pros at Commercial Painting USA and enjoy the benefit of working with the very best nationwide painter.

A Fresh Clean Look

Many commercial restaurant owners find that as their buildings age, the wall paint is chipping or fading. It doesn’t take much to “turn off” customers and we all know how fierce the competition is in the commercial restaurant business is. If this is the case, it’s time to make the inside of your restaurant look as good as your food tastes. Call Commercial Painting USA and give your interior a fresh update to keep your customers happy and coming back for more.

Fast Service

There are many reasons to call in the pros for painting commercial restaurants. One major reason is the time it takes to do the work yourself. It is a big problem to have your restaurant closed for any length of time for painting. And it’s difficult if not impossible to paint while the restaurant is open because of the fumes. The leading painting contractors at Commercial Painting USA have the tools and techniques to paint your commercial restaurant very quickly. Plus, we can even paint at night when the restaurant is closed! That’s right, we work any hours necessary to get the painting done with minimal interruption to your business.

One of our most popular features for commercial restaurant painting is using low or no VOC paints and primers. VOC’s are the harmful volatile organic compounds that give off that “chemical” smell for old style paints and primers. Paints are now available with very little odor making them ideal for restaurants.

Estimates That Mean What They Say

Our extensive experience painting commercial restaurants means that this is not our first rodeo. We’ve painted hundreds of restaurants and understand what it takes to do the job right. This experience has helped us develop extremely accurate estimating techniques. Our accurate estimates mean that you are not going to be faced with cost or time overruns. We are professionals and we know what it takes. We will bid accurately and stick to our estimate throughout the process. Plus, our estimates are always fast, accurate and FREE!

Exterior Painting

We’ve talked much about the inside of your commercial restaurants and of course we can paint the exteriors as well. No matter what your exterior siding is we can expertly and quickly paint that as well. Wood, concrete, brick, stone, stucco or any other surface is no trouble for us. We can paint any commercial restaurant regardless of its size, height or location. If you exterior is looking shabby or if you just want a new look to draw in additional customers call the commercial restaurant painting specialists at Commercial Painting USA.

Nationwide Painter

We offer our commercial services nationwide. If you have a chain of commercial restaurants across the nation then we are your best choice. We paint from Florida to Oregon and Maine to California. Our nationwide customers come back to us again and again because they love our quality and we can any of their properties regardless of the location. Our customers appreciate that they make one call and any commercial painting project is done.

Big or small? We do it all!

The pros at Commercial Painting USA can paint any sized restaurant or restaurant chain. We give small restaurants the same careful attention to detail, preparation, expert painting and follow up as we do our major national chains. The main difference is the number of crew members and the length of time it takes to paint your restaurant. Your commercial restaurant is important; don’t take a chance on an inexperienced painter. Always call the experts at Commercial Painting USA.

We take great care to mange every detail when painting commercial restaurants. Our experience is unmatched in the industry. We take no shortcuts, cut no corners and never skimp on quality. We are proud of our work and it will stand the test of time.

As the leading painting contractor we work closely with you to ensure a minimum interruption to your daily business. Call us today for a FREE estimate for all your commercial services nationwide.