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Cleaning Services

Commercial Cleaning Services

Commercial Painting USA performs a wide variety of cleaning services in addition to our expert painting services. We offer commercial cleaning services nationwide to both our existing and new customers. Commercial cleaning services are often complicated by the fact building owners need to keep their properties open as much as possible during the cleaning. Our commercial cleaning services factor this need into every job we do. We are the true professionals that can get the job done and stay out of your way while we do it!


Our commercial cleaning includes cleaning the exterior siding of your buildings. We clean sidings off all types regardless of the size or height of the building. We have experience technicians that are accustomed to working in high places and are well trained on the best equipment for the job.

Our cleaning services most commonly remove dirt and flaked paint from your siding. We use everything from simple scrapers and wire brushes to extensive abrasive blasting techniques. We always match the abrasives we use with the siding material being cleaned. We know what abrasives work best on every siding material. We often use ground corn cobs for abrasive blasting on wood surfaces because the corn cob will remove the flaked paint and not damage the wood underneath. When doing historic restorations on brick we are careful to use techniques that remove the paint but leave the brick intact as well.

Pressure Washing

Our commercial cleaning services include extensive pressure washing. This is a simple technique that is often all that is necessary to prepare your exterior walls for commercial painting or just giving them a thorough cleaning. We have an array of pressure washers so we can handle any size job.


Commercial Painting USA has commercial cleaning services technicians trained in the latest and safest methods to clean any of the dozens of different bacteria and fungi that could be spreading in your commercial building. Our job is to clean the mold so it won’t come back and also locate the source of the moisture that is causing the mold to grow in the first place. As a nationwide painter we know how important it is that the mold does not come back after it is treated.

Black Mold

Black mold is the worst type of mold and can be very dangerous substance if left alone too long. The most common cause is a buildup of moisture and a lack of air flow. You will often find it in window sills with blinds that don’t get opened much and in bathrooms with inadequate ventilation. Black mold is toxic and removing it from your buildings is important. Our commercial cleaning services include the necessary precautions when removing it to ensure that it is done safely and correctly.


Our cleaning services include removing algae from your buildings and grounds. Algae comes in a variety of colors and textures and can not only make your roof look bad but also do damage as well. Our expert technicians have the equipment and skills for algae removal from any roofing surface.

Algae are found in many places besides the roof of your buildings. Our cleaning services crews will clean it from your sidewalks, parking lots and outbuildings as well. It can be a tricky process to safely clean algae. Although it is not as dangerous as black mold, it can be a slipping hazard and it is always an eyesore. Our team will clean these algae with the proper chemicals to remove it and give you maintenance tips to help keep it from coming back.

Drywall Cleaning and Removal

We of course clean your drywall when it will be sufficient to remove the mold, algae or other debris. We are careful to do this properly with venting to create air flow behind the drywall and make sure everything is dry. If these methods are not sufficient then we may have to completely remove the drywall and replace it. This is a last resort and only used if the drywall is too badly damaged for our cleaning services to have any affect.

Nobody really wants the hassle or expense of such an extensive remediation but there are times when it is the best choice. Our customers appreciate our commercial cleaning services because they know they are getting the most cost-effective solution.

Washing Walls

One of the simplest commercial cleaning services is basic wall washing. Over time, your walls can become dirty, dusty and develop a film. We often use a mild soap and water to clean these walls prior to commercial painting. This simple technique ensures that we get good adhesion on the wall and the paints seem to last longer and look better as well. While this is an easy process it can be messy. We are careful to protect everything in your building before we start and we clean up as we go. Except for the sparkling clean walls we leave behind, you would not even know we were there!

Duct and Mechanical Cleaning

In cases where the ceiling of your building has exposed ductwork and other mechanicals we are adept at cleaning these as well. Again, it takes just the right equipment and skill to reach these areas and clean them without “trashing” the areas below. We work with you to determine the best time for cleaning and often work through the night when your business is closed.