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Painting Offices

Painting commercial offices is one of the best ways to freshen up the look and feel of your commercial office space and there is no better company to handle the work than Commercial Painting USA. We’ve been a leading painting contractor for over 40 years. When you consider our extensive experience in painting commercial offices you will be hard pressed to find a better nationwide painter. For the best commercial services nationwide call the premier nationwide painter, call Commercial Painting USA.

For the very best results you should call a leading painting contractor like Commercial Painting USA. Our experience and professionalism means that you get prompt service, an accurate estimate and helpful consultation before and after the work is completed. We offer our commercial services nationwide so you never have to waste time searching for a painter in a specific market. We can do it all.


We begin every commercial office painting project with a careful evaluation of your office space. We check the condition of the walls and ceilings and take accurate measurements. Once this is done we determine the scope of work involved. We look for any “problem areas” such as damage or mildew and make sure we include the repair and cleaning these sections in the estimate. This careful analysis is beneficial because it makes our estimates accurate. Accurate estimates mean you won’t have cost overruns when painting commercial offices. You can plan your budget and be confident that it is accurate.


Even if you are faced with the daunting challenge of remodeling an old or neglected commercial office building, Commercial Painting USA is the team you want on your side. We are a nationwide painter with a vast assortment of resources available to tackle even the most difficult projects. Projects as extensive as replacing walls, severe mold remediation or dealing with old lead based paints are just a few of the commercial services we offer nationwide.

Color Selection

Worried that you don’t have the “eye” to choose a color scheme that achieves your goals? Are you going for vivid flair, stately quality or understated elegance in your professional office setting? No problem. Our color consultants will work with you to take your tastes and preferences and recommend a color scheme that matches your commercial office environment perfectly. Just let us know the image and feel you want to convey and your general color preference and we will take it from there.


It’s been said that painting is 80% preparation and 20% perspiration. While were not so sure about the ratios there is no doubt that it is our expert preparation that makes our commercial painting superior to just about any other nationwide painter.

We start with trained technicians preparing your floors, walls and ceilings. The preparation includes protecting expensive office machinery and covering floors or other surfaces to keep the dust and paint off. Then we begin work on the actual surfaces by removing any flaked or chipped paint and repairing any minor imperfections in the walls. This preparation is usually limited to patching small nail and other holes and sanding to a smooth surface. Once this is done we wash the walls to get them ready for the primer and paints.


Any commercial office painting project can be a disruption to your work environment. When we paint your commercial offices we are sensitive to this fact and go to great lengths to keep these interruptions to a minimum. Our goals are to do the very best work and keep your offices running as smoothly as possible. To accommodate these goals we often work evening shifts and weekends. This way we are not in the way when you are trying to get your work done. Think of how nice it would be for your workers to leave for home on Friday and come back Monday morning to a freshly painted office!

Clean Up

Whether we are painting the interior of exterior of your commercial offices we are as careful when we finish as we are when we start. We make sure that the only things we leave behind are beautiful walls and ceilings! You never have to worry about cleaning up any trash from our painting crews. Our team members are true professionals that have pride in the quality of their work. They also have a deep respect for the customers that pay their wages and treat your property accordingly.

Follow Up

Our reputation for painting commercial offices is established on quality and excellent customer service. Don’t trust your commercial office painting to just any nationwide painter. Choose Commercial Painting USA and you get a leading painting contractor with expert skills and extensive experience. From the initial evaluation to accurate estimating, quality preparation and painting followed by correct invoicing and follow up; you just can’t do better than Commercial Painting USA.

Painting commercial offices is something that many building owners dread. It does not have to be this way when you choose the leading painting contractor, Commercial Painting USA. You can’t beat our experience or professionalism. And when you consider that our nationwide reach means that you will never have to find another nationwide painter, commercial painting is something that becomes easy from here on out. Finding the best Commercial office painting contractor is easy—just call us!