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Surface Preparation

Painting Surface Preparation

Commercial Painting USA begins the actual painting of every job with expert painting surface preparation. It is this critical step of surface preparation that separates the leading painting contractors from the rest. It is our detailed attention to painting surface preparation that ensures excellent adhesion of primers and paints and guarantees a perfect commercial painting every time. Way too much is at stake in commercial painting to trust the surface preparation to just any local contractor. Call the nationwide painter with the skills and experience to do the job right and make your walls look their very best every time.

Analysis of Surfaces and Room Layout

Our commercial painters know it is the preparation of every job we undertake that sets us apart from our competition. Before we begin the work we perform a careful analysis of the walls and ceilings to determine exactly what painting surface preparation is needed. We examine the walls and check for small nail holes, cracks and larger faults in a wall or ceiling that require special repair before the work starts.

Should we find any mold or mildew we are experts at mold remediation as well. We will evaluate the mold and determine if it is just a surface preparation issue or if it has traveled through your walls. Regardless of the situation we are well equipped to handle the problem.

We determine how much furniture or equipment has to be moved, how much masking is needed and what tarps and barriers are needed to protect customers, employees as well as keeping overspray paint out of areas it does not belong. Once the analysis is complete we provide an estimate so you know exactly what the job will cost.

Clearing the Space

The first thing we do is get your interiors ready to paint. We carefully move furniture and fixtures so we have access to the walls. We need space for our lifts and other equipment required for efficient painting and maximum safety for our team and yours. We also take the time to cover your floors and fixtures to prevent damage from overspray, drips and the equipment needed to do the job right. We use professional grade tarps and coverings for the best protection.

Interior Surface Cleaning and Minor Repair

The most common cause for poor paint and primer adhesion is inadequate surface preparation. Once we have the room cleared and protected we begin the careful work of getting your commercial buildings ready to paint. Surface cleaning is step one in surface preparation.

For the interior of your buildings we use a variety of modern automated equipment to remove loose paint, dirt, dust and anything else attached to the walls or ceilings that would prevent good adhesion. After the abrasive cleaning steps we wash the walls to remove the dust and cleaning debris left behind. Once this is complete we move on to repairing the walls and ceilings.

In the surface repair step of commercial painting we fill any holes or cracks in the surface. We use a professional grade spackling compound or drywall tape and mud for larger cracks. If major repairs were needed we would handle it as light construction to replace sections of a wall if needed. This is common in warehouse areas where a forklift or other equipment has damaged a wall.

Exterior Surface Cleaning and Repair

For the exteriors the most common cleaning methods are power washing and sandblasting. Surface preparation by sandblasting removes loose paint and thoroughly cleans the surface. Power washing also removes loose paint and cleans the surface. During both processes we carefully protect your landscaping, grounds and move any nearby vehicles that might be damaged from the airborne debris. Once we complete the power washing or sandblasting and the surface is clean and smooth we clean up the area. Part of being the leading nationwide contractor is making sure we leave our work areas clean. From here we move on to repair.

We use a similar process for exterior surfaces. The main difference is using weather proof fill materials that match the texture of the exterior of your buildings. It takes experience to know just what materials to use and skill in applying them to make sure the surface textures match and leave a smooth surface. Lesser commercial painters may just use inferior products to fill the cracks or worse yet not fill them at all. We make sure the job is done right. That’s why we are the leading painting contractor.

Masking and Surface Preparation Protection

Now that the surfaces are filled, sanded and cleaned we are ready to mask the window and door frames, baseboards, trim and all other areas that need to be protected from the paint. This step ensures that we have sharp, clean lines and a professional finish. We also use commercial quality drop cloths to protect the floors, furniture or any other equipment remaining in the rooms.

Priming Bare and Exposed Wood and Metal

Unpainted surfaces often require a primer to make sure the finished coat looks its very best. We use only the highest quality paints and primers for a quality finish that lasts. We match the primer to the primed surfaces. We expertly apply these primers by sprayer, roller or brush and allow the proper drying time before applying the finished coat or coats. Once the surface is primed we are ready for the topcoat.

When you want the job done right be sure to call Commercial Painting USA. We are the one nationwide painter that can handle surface preparation and all commercial services nationwide.